Footfall Monitoring and Surveillance – Mombasa at Triggerise

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Scope of Work

  • The firm shall also be able to carry out other ad-hoc checks to support risk and compliance management activities in the market of operation. All ad hoc risk audits will be concluded and reported on within 48 hours. Some of the data points required at the providers shall include;
  • Footfall checks through stakeouts/discreet surveillance (the auditor or the personnel carrying out this activity should be close enough to get an accurate recording of the footfall but not identified as carrying out such an activity by the subject) at the vicinity of the facility to tally the estimated number of clients visiting the facility. The data points provided shall include
  • Photos of premises visited to confirm surveillance is at the correct site.
  • GPS data of the site being monitored.
  • Description of clients seen walking in and out of the facility as well as the exact time this is observed.
  • Number of entrances monitored in this exercise.
  • The time when the surveillance is carried out including any breaks.
  • Footfall checks through sit-ins (The auditor shall have identified themselves to the facility and thus is monitoring while in the facility) at the facility to validate the number of clients enrolled on Tiko taking up services in specific days at the facility
  • Tiko facility branding compliance
  • Health records and data quality compliance of the facility
  • Other details as may be noted during this activities

Reports from both exercises shall also contain insights noted in the field during the audits.


The qualified firm should exhibit the following:

  • Demonstration of experience and expertise of similar assignment with non-governmental organizations;
  • Providing an activity plan (project plan) of actions to achieve the objectives of the assignment, specifying budgeted hours, timelines and sequence for its consultancy procedure and level of staff to be assigned;
  • Incorporating CV’s of the proposed professional staff of the core management team proposed for the engagement and the authorized representative submitting the proposal. CVs should demonstrate relevant experience of dealing with Tax matters within organizations similar to Triggerise;
  • List of current and past clients where the bidder has conducted mystery client/shopper experience along with the name of the organization, contact person, designation, and a contact number, nature of services and length of the appointment for at least three (3) International non-governmental organizations.


Proposals will be evaluated in two parts. The experience, technical proposal and financial quotation shall bear 70% of the total marks while the references and financial capacity shall bear 30% of the total marks.

  • Proposals should make clear about the relevant skills, experience and capacity of the participant, in respect of this particular SOW.
  • Proposals must contain the details of the proposed approach to be adopted in order to deliver the service in accordance with the SOW.
  • Proposals should clearly indicate whether or not bid participants have the capacity to meet the requirements of the SOW.
  • Proposal should clearly indicate compliance with the appropriate data protection, privacy, legal, social, tax and ethical issues applicable to the country
  • Must be a registered firm in the country where they seek to provide the services.

Functionality evaluation criteria

  • Experience, Skills and Ability of Service Provider
  • Past experience in similar work of this nature.
  • Team member experience (accompanied by brief CV’s).
  • Ability of the bidder to fulfill Triggerise’s requirements.

Weight: 30

  • Technical Approach and Execution Plan
  • Proposals must contain the details of the proposed approach to be adopted in order to deliver the service in accordance with the SOW.

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