Kitchen Steward at Technical University of Mombasa

Vacancy No.TUMEL/K.Stew/15/04/2024

Reporting to: Cook

The Kitchen Steward will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen, all utensils and kitchen floors. You will also work hand-in-hand with the other kitchen staff to ensure smooth production of food.

Professional Qualifications, Requirements/Job Specifications and Experience

  •  KCSE certificate and 1 year work experience as a Kitchen Steward
  •  Valid medical health certificate (If successful)


  •  KCPE Certificate and 2 years work experience as a Kitchen Steward
  •  Valid medical health certificate (If successful)

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  •  Ensuring the kitchen is clean well well-maintained and organized at all times;
  •  Responsible for the cleanliness and sanitizing of all surfaces;
  •  Keeping floors and work areas clear of hazards and obstructions;
  •  Cleaning dry goods store, cold room, freezer room and shelves;
  •  Ensuring the sink is always clean with a clean dish rack;
  •  Collect and remove trash from all areas of operation;
  •  Ensure waste bins are kept clean and tidy;
  •  Cleans and sanitizes pots, pans utensils, and other minor equipment routinely used in the kitchen;
  •  Coordinating and working in relation with other cleaning teammates;
  •  Preparing an efficient cleaning routine;
  •  Using general cleaning equipment and chemicals properly;
  •  Wash kitchen walls when required;
  •  Ensuring that all health and safety regulations are adhered to;
  •  Immediately notifying the chef of occurring deficiencies or requirements for repairs
  •  Keeping all public spaces or environments neat;
  •  Cleaning glass surfaces, mirrors, and windows;
  •  Ensuring that the prescribed uniform is worn and is neat and clean; and
  •  Carry out other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time by your immediate supervisor or other persons in authority.

Personal Attributes

  •  Organized and a great team player
  •  Flexibility to work in shifts
  •  Good physical health and stamina
  •  Passionate about maintaining a clean and safe working environment
  •  Understanding of food safety and hygiene
  •  Ability to work with little or no supervision while meeting high-performance standards
  •  Excellent communication/interpersonal skills
  •  Ability to follow instructions

Skills & Attitudes

  •  Ability to maintain a positive, friendly attitude even under high pressure
  •  Professional attitude and appearance
  •  Ethics and Integrity