Board Members – 3 Positions at Fountain Healthcare (FHC) Ltd

F 500 Health tsroup Board is seeking to appoint non- executive members to ensure suificient capacity and skills to oversee the next phase of its work. Board members are expected to attend a minimum of four regular board meetings per year, the AGM, serve in board committees and also to participate in special board meetings and other activities of the organization. They are also expected to serve as amlmssadors for the organization Board and Committee meetings are planned a year in advance and are held during national working week days.
The appointment is for three (3) years renewable for a mixinnim of two terms.

The Role of Board members

  • The Group board provides overall guidance on corporate strategy, policy and governance for F-500 Health Group. We are seeking to fill three vacancies arising from scheduled retirement of three directors. The process is fully compeñtive and succeesful candidates are expected to bring with them specific competencies and experiences co the Group    The board put:s special emphasis on the general and specific areas listed below


  • Commitment to the objecfives of the F-500 Health Group.
  • Commitment to teamwork
  • Willingness to act as ambassadors for the organization.
  • Willingness to undertake the duties and observe standards set for the board members.
  • Understanding of principles of equity and diversity and their application to the corporate environment
  • Excellent knowledge of the functioning of boards especially in health or health related organizations.

Applicants’must have high level competency and or experience in at least one or more of the following:

  • Exercise of collective responsibility.
  • Fund raising/ Resource mobilization.
  • Developing and nurturing startups.
  • Developing business models in an environment comparable to the F 500 Health Group.
  • Starting and managing welfare schemes and models.
  • Enterprise risk rmnagement.
  • Human Resource and strategy policy execution.
  • Ability to analyze and solve corporate leadership and policy problems.
  • Ability to understand and interrogate financial reports.
  • Ability to participate in corporate strategic planning cycles