Careers at Competition Authority of Kenya (the Authority)

Ref No. CAK/01.02/2024

Job Description

Systems Administration

  • Administering user accounts, permissions, and access rights on the Active Directory and systems databases.
  • Offering service and infrastructure support to users.
  • Maintaining on-site and off-site data centres;
  • Implementing and updating the data disaster recovery plan and back ups
  • Ensuring the availability, capacity, security, stability and performance of all systems in use at the Authority;
  • Assisting with researching, planning, implementing and installation of new servers/systems in the ICT environment;
  • Controlling access permissions and privileges to various databases
  • Recommending periodic upgrades to the systems, database servers and database management systems software’s.
  • Evaluating and improving ICT Systems and processes to provide a more efficient ICT environment;
  • Evaluating and testing new software to ensure its operability on the Authority’s network;
  • Updating of systems documentation, setups and protocols;
  • Designing and carrying out the implementation of back up procedures, security measures and guidelines to safeguard ICT installations and systems against violations either accidental or unauthorized;
  • Monitoring performance and managing system parameters to provide fast query responses to front-end users;
  • Undertaking back- end organization of data and front-end accessibility for end-users;
  • Allocating system storage quotas and advising future storage requirements for the database /file server system;
  • Creating system backup schedules and test for their effectiveness.
  • Reviewing, test implemented ICT business continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans for the Authority.
  • Implementing ERM and BCM within the department
  • Implementing ISMS and QMS within the department
  • Supervising various ICT outsourced services as per agreed signed SLA’s
  • Managing and ensure effectiveness of CAK servers and systems, including those hosting ERP, CMS, ICT Helpdesk, SharePoint (for document management), CAK Portals (E-filing portal, Staff HRMS portal, Recruitment portal, eProcurement portal), mobile applications, e-mail and backup servers/systems at the DR site, and their associated operating systems and software;
  • Managing and ensuring optimal operation of all network hardware and equipment, including routers, firewall, switches, Wi-Fi devices, UPSs, PABX etc.;
  • Managing and ensuring effectiveness of security solutions, including firewalls, anti-virus solutions and intrusion detection systems;

Network Administration

  • Initiating development and implementation and reviewing of policies and procedures
  • Ensuring the availability, capacity, security, stability and performance of the networking infrastructure in the Authority;
  • Monitoring network traffic and ensuring optimal speeds and capacity are being met;
  • Updating documentation on networking setups and protocols at the Authority;
  • Creating backup for all network configurations;
  • Conducting the investigations, dawn raids and seizures in digital evidence gathering in collaboration with other departments.

Job Specifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in any of the following disciplines: – Computer Science/ Business Information Technology, Telecommunication/ Electronic Engineering or equivalent qualifications from a recognized institution;
  • Have five (5) years relevant work experience;
  • Certification in any of the following CCNA, MCSE/ MCTS/ MCITP/ ITIL/ CCNP/ CEH/ SQL;
  • Certification in Microsoft NAV and CRM;
  • Member of a professional body if applicable;
  • Knowledge of Programming;
  • Good Communication and Interpersonal Skills; and
  • Fulfilled the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution.